Dear @Github, its time to put karma in user profiles

From past few days, i am watching some Github open source projects. On this duration, I found something missing in Github.

  1. Some people open new issue and ask a question or ask for help. Most of the time they don’t even bother to search/read/learn it.
  2. If a guy is facing same issue which is already open, he tend to reply with +1.

Both of this thing happening every day and guy who use to manage big open source project (and also watchers like me) certainly receive all of the stupid email notifications. I don’t know how those guys tolerate this emails.

My proposed solution for this problem is to introduce points / karma type of reputation engine like HN and/or Stackoverflow. This will solve both of this problem in very clever way.

  1. People don’t open new useless issue unless he is very sure. If he does, the community (or open source project peoples) will downvote his issue which will turn make a negative impact on his profile due to the points.

  2. People who were facing same issues will upvote the issue, this will give idea to contributor that he need to solve that particular issue first.

There are many other applications where it is very advantageous, you can guess it.

What do you think guys?

This is my resume. If you’re interested in hiring me please let me know.

I shutdown iftt for twitter

Hey guys,

Yesterday I turned on to Auto-tweet it. I thought that it would be Cool to gather all popular news and put in my tweets.

It worked but in a different way. No doubt ifttt is good automated service, but the feeds which are coming is not really very good. So, it keeps spamming all your profiles.

I also noticed the number of new followers is very less as compared to the number of people unfollowed. Sorry for that. I understand why. If people have followed you, he is interested in getting your news rather than world news.

The IFTT ran about 20 hours in my twitter a/c (@ppiplewar) and now I have shutdown that service.

Thanks for bearing it.

Easy guide for installing SSL in apache2

Although this is very easy process, but everyone described this process in very complex way. I have a tough time. This is my attempt to simplify all those complexities.

  1. Just Purchase the certificate from SimpleDNS.

  2. Submit the private key, DNSimple can do this for you. Allow them to generate private key for you. This is private.key.

  3. After few days you will receive an email from COMODO Group. They will provide you certificate. This is server.crt. This certificate is at very end of the email. See this


  1. Now, enable mod_ssl apache extension if it is not enabled. (Skip this step now. If at last if it doesnt work then do this)

  2. Copy both of this files, private.key and server.crt and add it in some folder.

  3. Now, configure the apache site specific config file. So, it will be look something like this if you’re using rails

    <VirtualHost *:443>
        #!!! Be sure to point DocumentRoot to 'public'!
        RailsEnv staging
        DocumentRoot /home/ubuntu/staging/public
    <Directory /home/ubuntu/staging/public>
        #This relaxes Apache security settings.
        AllowOverride all
        Allow from all
        Require all granted
        #MultiViews must be turned off.
        Options -MultiViews
    SSLEngine on
    SSLCertificateFile /home/ubuntu/staging/certs/server.crt
    SSLCertificateKeyFile  /home/ubuntu/staging/certs/server.key
  4. Add CNAME record in DNS . It will look something like this

    CNAME   3600
  5. Wait for an hour and then restart the server. It will suppose to work. Let me know if you have some problem.

Thanks :)

[Steve Jobs was] brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it. -Barack Obama

Macbook Pro retina display review

Hey guys,

It is the time to review my new MacBook Pro retina display. I was using it since 4 months and did tons of things from software development to document editing. I was also the user of windows and Linux. i used both of this operating system for about 2 years. So i guess i have some general idea and can give put perspective how this MacBook pro is.

  1. It is incredibly fast. It starts / shutdown instantly. Even the applications like chrome starts within microseconds.

  2. Like windows, the culture of using pirated softwares is very less. You may not find free softwares out. It also means you have to purchase many original softwares.

  3. Apple software aren’t too great but good. For document editing, i will chose MS excel or MS office. Software which are available in App store are fucking awesome, they are fast and there is big variety of softwares available in iStore.

  4. For software development, this is the best machine. iOS,Apple OS are actually modified linux. So, you will get all power of unix.

Bottom line, i wont switch to windows, i will keep using my lovely Mac.

I am not sure this is true or not but certainly the image is not edited .

I love it. This image is worth of 1000+ words.

My degree sucks and i wasn’t placed but still earning 1.3 lakh per month, here’s how

Hey Guys,

Many of you will soon became engineer but unfortunately you dont have any job. That’s not good, but not the end of the world. I got job after my college/degree and college doesn’t helped at all. My life after college was’t too bad. It is all because i have confidence. There are few thing which i guess you should achieve in order to get good job without any tension. Below i am listing few points

  1. English is very very important. If you don’t have technical skill it is okay if you don’t have english, it will be disasters. Proficiency is required,expertise isn’t.
  2. Make your clear goal and start preparing it. If you want to fight GATE or CAT start learning. Don’t learn too many things. If you’re looking for job, do a well research and pick one language ..and get it its good skills. If possible, try to make some projects in that language. Try to be unique.
  3. Don’t live it in comfortable zone, try to do everything independently .

Btw, i am also writing few points which i adopted to achieve what i wanted too and i usually do. May be that will be helpful for you.

  1. I do things what i love. I love programming, internet, exploring new things so i spend most of my time in doing those things. It wasn’t easy to find what you really love. I use hit and trial method. I learned and still learning many thing which i found fascinating . And till yet, programming is the best one which suites me. I also love music and i am not even sure i will make my carrier in computer. I still learning and doing it what i love. I spend 70% of my time in doing what i love, 20% in learning what i found it interesting. And,10% of my time in reading people opinions.

  2. I value my time. I dont watch movies and serials regularly. I know they are very very addictive. I watch it just for fun. I am not addicted.

  3. I dont underestimate myself and other people. I know my weakness and strength. I believe in

    Do one thing and do it well.

That’s all.

Page Speaker Chrome Extension speaks webpage

Hey guys,

I have created a new chrome extension which speaks main content of the webpage. This extension uses chrome text-to-speech(TTS) capability which internally uses operating system TTS. This extension algorithmically determines main content of the webpage and speak it. You can also select the text and click speak icon to speak the selection.

I usually read lot of articles and prefer software to speak its content automatically. I searched in google, in google chrome store and firefox addon store but there is nothing like that. This inspires me to create a new extension.

It doesn’t sounds good that no one created such type of extension yet. How can that be even possible. Well it is. The process of extracting the main content of webpage is very difficult. You can read more here. There are some well known APIs which can provide main content like readablity but it is trade off. It will consume some bandwidth of user. I really don’t like this. Since, it degrades the performance. Then one idea clicked on my mind. I have used safari iReader. I searched in google and fortunately i found its google chrome ported iReader souce code. The source code is outdated and it is not exactly what i am looking for. But it gives me some clue and helps to do it. So i have created it. I have used & modified some google chrome sample add-ons code.

Below,there is the video which will show you how to install and use page speaker add on. I have created this video only for non-tech savvy user, rest can skip it.

I have open sourced this extension.You can check this by going here. There are few known bugs but because of limited time availability i have shipped it. I love if you push the fixes.


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